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Batteries, Lubricants and Filters

We supply all types of batteries ranging from Hearing Aids to Solar Batteries,

Lubricants for all of your machinery needs also

Oil, Air, Fuel and Cabin Filters for your needs


We can supply for all your battery needs.

We can supply and fit your most common battery requirements.

Need a Deep Cycle for your boat or Caravan we can look after you with a wide range in stock.

We even have your household electronic batteries. 

AGM and Lithium Batteries available


Royal Oils are our supplier of top quality Oil and Lubricant.

We have everything from Motor Oil, Transmission, Chain and Bar, Brake and Clutch & Hydraulic's.

 Also Grease for your all your needs.


Wix Filters are our main suppliers of all our Premium Filter products.

Whether it is for your Bike, Lawn Mower, Trucks and Tractors.

We also supply Filter Kits for the most popular vehicle models.

Air, Oil, Fuel and Cabin Filters we can supply them. 

What our customers are saying

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Jane Williams - Another Company, Ltd.

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